Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sew Your Little Girl a Princess Dress

Step 1: Measure your daughter's chest

Step 2: Go to fabric store and buy Shirred Fabric. Evelyn measured 22 inches and I bought 20 inches at the store. Do not forget to wash and dry your fabric before starting your project because it WILL shrink. It shrunk a whole inch in the wash! 

Unsure of what Shirred Fabric is? Check the picture below... It has elastic at the top and flares at the bottom. You can also make your own Shirred Fabric in a couple different ways:
1. Buy elastic thread, then double the amount of fabric you got for the chest measurement and sew 4 seam lines 1 inch apart starting at the top of the dress (first seam is 1 inch from the top.)
2. Another way is buying very thin elastic and sewing the elastic on the fabric (stretch the elastic as much as you can) and make 4 lines 1 inch apart.
I prefer using a 50% off coupon and buying the fabric pre-made at the store for $7 :)

Step 3: Pin the edges inside out. 

A tip with pinning: pin all pins the same direction and sew the fabric with the pin towards you so that you can easily pull the pin out as you go. I sewed 1/4 inch seams. Do not forget to back stitch as you start and finish!

Step 4: Iron the seam open so that you can easily do a seam finish.

Step 5: Now complete the seam with a finish of your choice. I prefer serging but another popular finish is zigzag stitch extremely close to the edges.

***Comment if you would like a Youtube video of how to sew different seam finishes***

Adilynn and Evelyn wanted to help on their dresses! 

Even Daddy joined in! Such a perfect family time activity :)

Step 6 (optional): Add straps. I chose some rick rack at JoAnn on clearance for .97 cents a yard and I only needed 16 inches. Pin them on your princess to get the perfect tightness.

Daddy helped with Adilynn's straps. I love that he is such a helpful husband!

Playing while waiting on Mommy to finish the dresses...

  Step 7: Sew on straps

Step 8 (optional): My rick rack freyed quite a bit so I seam finished it with the serger.

 I got 4 thumbs up from the Frozen Princesses!!

Time: 15 minutes per dress
Cost: $8 per dress
Tools: Sewing Machine, Serger Machine (optional), Matching Thread, Iron, Pins and Scissors
Material: Shirred fabric from JoAnn and Rick Rack
Difficulty: Easy


  1. Great job, and I loved the tutorial and photos. I used to make these dresses and also make them into skirts and would buy coordinating T-shirts to wear with them too.

  2. Great idea to make a skirt! Thank you :)

  3. They Look sooo Sweet ;0)!!

    Liebgruß Doreen

  4. Dear Ashlynn,

    beautiful dress for little princesses you have sewn ... and thanks for the tutorial. I'll apply it for my little granddaughter.

    Greetings Klaudia

  5. I have made several dresses for my great granddaughter out of this marvelous fabric. I made the straps by putting the dress on her and fitting a piece of elastic where it would be comfortable. Then I made a "pocket" out of solid fabric to coordinate with the dress. I made the pocket several inches longer than the elastic and when I threaded the elastic through the pocket I stitched it at each end. I then stitched it to the dress and she had a strap that was "ruffled" and then when she puts it off and on the elastic stretches making it easier for her mother to dress her. She is 2 1/2 and wears a size 18 months so she needs some give for putting her garments off and on her

  6. You have very pretty princesses. Very well done.


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