Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meet the Seamstress

I'm Ashlynn!

Growing up, my grandmother lived with us for a few months and she always embroidered while watching Wheel of Fortune. One day I sat down beside her and asked to join. I was hooked after completing my very own masterpiece. Just before she passed away, Grandma gifted me one of her most cherished possessions; her collection of embroidery items. This was something she held close to her heart and it meant the world to me knowing I would forever hold that piece of her. I continued to sew off and on as a teenager, and in College, I minored in Clothing Construction which I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of. Since my college days, I have become consumed in marriage, divorce, single mom life and now re-married which has cut my sewing time to almost non-existent. My husband has really encouraged me to pursue my dream of starting Southern Belle Seamstress. I have always been a dreamer and I cannot wait to share my journey with you of helping to bring back what I believe to be a dying art. Sewing is time consuming but well worth that moment (after 256 seam rips, 514 frustrating moments staring at the ridiculous fabric that will not cooperate, the millions of burns from the iron and God forbid you run out of thread in the bobbin at the beginning of a seam and do not realize until you finish it) of pride when you lift up your finished project and feel so beyond accomplished. As a mom of 2 kids and working full-time, I know how precious time is but I also know how important it is to have your hobbies and "alone time". Sewing is the perfect get-a-way from life's daily challenges and I hope to inspire you to follow your passion!

Stay tuned for my first tutorial!

1 comment:

  1. You are amazing dear! I can't wait to read and watch your tutorials! Love you kiddo!


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