Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Sew a Baseball Onesie with Letter

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I made an embroidered baseball pillow for a mommy-to-be and had some leftover baseball fabric and I just knew I had to make something with it. I came up with the idea to make a onesie with the letter "M' on it and went to Pinterest to see what other sewers had come up with. I found the baseball stitching idea and I had the perfect idea :) This was slightly challenging (I am not the biggest fan of knits) and the onesie is very small so you almost have to sew in a tunnel at times.

Step 1: I learned the hard way that hand stiching/basting the letter and red baseball stitches to the onesie before doing the zigzag makes the entire project much simpler. The fabric will move a lot if you do not. I chose hand stitching so I could rip it out when I finished. NOTE: I regret not sewing the baste stitch with a different color so it would be easier to rip out later.
Step 2: Zigzag stitch the stitches and letter to your onesie. I used the smallest stitch length my machine would do (that is the knob that goes 0-4 and should normally be between 2-3). Zigzag stitch is also a perfect seam finish as it prevents fraying.
Step 3: I decided it was best to seam rip my baste stitching out but this is not necessary. Remember my note earlier about different thread coloring?? The same color makes it difficult to make sure you are ripping out the baste stitches.
Here is a close up of the final product!close-upbbonesie
Time: 15 minutes
Cost: Max- $5 (I had all scrap materials and a onesie I found at a thrift store so I spent $1!)
Tools: Sewing Machine, Pins, Scissors and Hand needle(optional)
Material: Cotton fabric
Difficulty: Easy

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